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Anti Wrinkle Pillow: Complete Guide (2024)

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We are in the midst of a worldwide health shift. The last two years have made us more aware than ever about the importance of healthy living to ward off preventable disease. The Anti Wrinkle Pillow is nothing short of the hippest product out there for the longevity of a youthful face. And let’s face it (see what I did there…) who doesn’t want delicious looking skin in their advancing years? Read on and we’ll share everything we know!

In this article we discuss the following:

Do Anti Wrinkle Pillows Work

We thought we’d start off with the personal review and opinion of Ksenia Sobchak, Dermatologist at Loxa Beauty: “Anti wrinkle pillows can aid in preventing the formation of sleep wrinkles and other aging signs. They are made of soft, slippery fabrics such as silk and satin, which cause less friction on the face, preventing lines or wrinkles.  They are made of skin-friendly materials that don’t absorb sweat, moisture and dirt.  This enhances skin hydration and gives it a glowing, smooth texture.  Some brands, like the contoured pillows, have unique styles that support the head, face, and neck and minimize contact with the surface. This lowers the compression on the skin, avoiding breakouts, wrinkles, or aging signs caused by other pillows.”

Anti Wrinkle Pillow for Side Sleepers

Anti wrinkle pillows are perfect for Side Sleepers because of the inevitable contact between their faces and the surface of the pillow. According to Ryan Fiorenzi, Certified Sleep Coach and founder of, “…reducing facial contact with your pillow will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but the most effective way to do that is simply to sleep on your back.” Don’t panic! With a vast number of the population not able to get comfy on their backs, the result is an array of ergonomically designed, uniquely shaped anti wrinkle pillows on the market. Read on to get the low down on the best brand for side sleepers.

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Anti Wrinkle Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Sleep & Glow’s new ergonomic pillow design is great for stomach sleepers! The Omina pillow’s orthopaedic 6 zone design is so comfortable for the head and neck that stomach sleepers may just find themselves converted to side sleeping! We have also found studies to show that training yourself to be either a side sleeper or a back sleeper can reduce overall muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulders. This is a welcome relief for people who suffer from migraine headaches.

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Anti Wrinkle Pillow Case

Due to their harsh texture, cotton pillowcases can cause line indentations on the face after a good night’s sleep. They can also suck and drain moisture from your pores leaving your skin dry and sallow in the morning.  Pillowcases with softer and gentler fabric are therefore a must when it comes to choosing your anti wrinkle pillow.  100% pure silk is definitely the most effective fabric choice and mulberry silk is the crème of the crop of silks.  Think the egyptian cotton of cotton’s. But if this exceeds your budget then satin pillowcases made of polyester are also available.  

If you’re not looking for silk or satin then cupron technology is for you!  That’s a fancy pants word for copper ion infused pillowcases. New York city based Dermatologist Susan Bard says: “Copper is naturally antimicrobial.” She goes on to say that “…the copper may help keep bacterial counts low, and users prone to acne have reported improvement with copper pillow use.” 

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Anti Wrinkle Pillow Reviews

If you’re still on the fence about your anti wrinkle pillow purchase, we have a feeling this customer review from Maria McDowell, founder at Easy Search People, will confirm all we’ve been harping on about! “I use an anti-wrinkle pillow and can confirm that they are good and effective. Anti-wrinkle pillows provide ergonomic support to the neck and relieve pressure from the skin around the face while you sleep. It also makes you sleep comfortably on your back or side, enabling your face to take in enough air which relaxes the skin while you sleep. Although most anti wrinkle pillows come in a weird shape, they are perfect for eliminating sleep-induced wrinkles.”

Anti Wrinkle Pillow Brands

Juverest the Sleep Anti-Wrinkle Pillow

Coined “The New Definition of Beauty Sleep” this pillow is ergonomically shaped which reduces the facial compression that normal pillows cause. As we mentioned, compression-free skin equals younger looking skin so this one gets the golden tick of approval from us! It’s also designed by a plastic surgeon so we give it a gold star for credibility! 

Save My Face Anti-Wrinkle Pillow

It’s all in the name with this one! The Save My Face Anti-Wrinkle Pillow literally does that.  Its unique crescent shape which supports the neck and frees up the entire surface area of the side of the face is this brand’s trademark. In our opinion, the ideal shape makes Save My Face the best pillow to prevent wrinkles. They make two sizes to choose from: la petite pillow and le grand pillow. The choice between these two will be based on what you personally find most comfortable.

Save My Face Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Best Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Best Anti Wrinkle Pillow for Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper and unable to sleep soundly on your back, these uniquely designed pillows may be the perfect solution. We have found that the best ergonomic design for side sleepers is the Sleep Young Anti Wrinkle Pillow, available for purchase on Amazon. This design might take a little time to get used to because you won’t feel any pressure on your face while side sleeping which might feel a little strange at first. But be assured that the pay-off for sticking with it will be fabulous down the line!

Sleep Younger Anti Wrinkle Pillow
By Amazon

Best Anti Wrinkle Pillow Case

Slip has been rated by Dermatologists in the United States as the number one preferred brand of silk pillowcase. Besides the benefit of anti-aging, Slip’s premium silk also prevents bed hair. Their silk acts as an anti-tangler by reducing friction by 43% on average.  They are also the winner of over fifty prestigious beauty awards which include the “2021 Women’s Health Healthy Sleep Award”, “2022 Glamour Power List” and the “2022 Harpers Bazaar Hair Awards Winner.” Be sure to purchase their Gentle Silk Wash to maintain the quality and integrity of your new pillowcase. 

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Best Anti Wrinkle Pillow in the UK

The Anti Wrinkle/ Acne Pillow found on Backcareonline is manufactured in Britain and is a supplier of the NHS. This pillow is extremely popular and effective- there are only 4 left in stock as we speak! It has a two- year guarantee, is hypoallergenic and contains anti-microbial properties. A customer review from Janet M says: “I’ve only been using this pillow for just over a week but I’m pleased with the effect it’s having on my skin.” Its outer shell is made of silver ion technology but if you really wanted to, you could get a custom-made silk pillowcase for this particular brand.

DIY Anti Wrinkle Pillow

If you’re on a budget but still want the benefits of the anti wrinkle pillow then we recommend focusing on the pillow case. Source plain sheets of silk and DIY your own pillowcase! We recommend using a sewing machine for precision and durability.

Where to Find Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Anti Wrinkle Pillow in Australia

Therapeutic Pillow Australia is an Australian owned, made and operated business and is not shipping to anywhere outside Australia for the time being. So if you’re in Aus this would be the most efficient choice! They specialize in contour pillows for support and comfort. These would act as anti wrinkle pillows by lifting the neck and head into a position where pressure is lifted from the skin on the face. Their Side Snuggler pillow is great for side sleepers. 

Anti Wrinkle Pillow Canada

If you’re in Canada and want the convenience of a local brand then Envy is for you.  The company has an ethos of sustainability demonstrated by their “Back in the Bedroom” renewed pillow project.  Each pillow that is sent back by a customer due to a small flaw is re-examined and repaired to be good as new and sold on again.  You can take their pillow quiz on their site to find the perfect pillow match for you! They also have a ton of green certifications–they get the nod of approval from us!

Anti Wrinkle Pillow the UK

Backcareonline would be our first choice in the UK and Putnams also stocks this particular pillow.  But with the increase in online shopping over the last two years we can confidently say that even if you do have to order your anti wrinkle pillow from another country, the wait shouldn’t be too long. Choosing the option of a courier instead of the general post is a good way to fast track your order.

Anti Wrinkle Pillow on Amazon

You are very much spoiled for choice on Amazon when it comes to anti wrinkle pillows! Click here to check them all out.


And that concludes our “Complete Guide to Anti-Wrinkle Pillows”!  Join the worldwide Health Revolution and invest in a non-invasive healthy ageing tool such as this nifty creation. 

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