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Sunscreen Pills: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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Oral sunscreen… wait… what? You read correctly, and this controversial new health and beauty trend is making waves in the western world. No one seems to know much at the moment, but here’s everything we know thus far about sunscreen pills that can help you make an informed purchase decision. 

In this article we discuss the following:

Do Sunscreen Pills Work?

Before we can even address this question in an educated way, there is something that needs to be made abundantly clear from the get go: sunscreen pills are not, to any degree, related to actual topical sunscreen. Not in formula, and certainly not in function. 

In short, sunscreen pills are not a replacement or substitute for topical sunblock — and that’s simply the truth of the matter. If you want to know more about this common misconception, a quick search on sunscreen pills FDA will shed a lot of concerning light on the subject. 

Now, do sunscreen pills work? That depends on what your intention for using them is. If you’re using them to protect your skin from a day at the beach, then no, sunscreen pills are going to do very little in preventing you from turning lobster red and inducing sunstroke. 

However, if you’re using sunscreen pills for their actual purpose, that is to increase the presence of antioxidants in the skin, then yes — sunscreen pills work! 

Sunscreen Pills How do they Work

For decades, skincare research has consistently led back to the conclusion that human skin craves the presence of antioxidants and increasing these levels (whether through diet or supplement) can significantly improve the skin’s appearance and texture. This is especially true when it comes to natural decay of the skin due to sun damage or general exposure.

This is where edible sunscreen pills come into the picture. Most of us have been getting our fill of natural antioxidants through the foods we eat. It is also possible to supplement antioxidants into the body, for an even richer supply that can reach the skin. 

Sunscreen pills ingredients are typically an array of antioxidant rich vitamins and minerals, usually including leaf extracts, tea extracts, vitamin C, vitamin E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and others. The pills work by offering the body a welcomed boost in all of these nutrients, making the skin slightly less sensitive to harm in the process. However they do not have the ability to prevent sunburn, which is why sufficient external protection is still very much necessary (such as topical sunblock, hats, and clothing). 

Sunscreen Pills Side Effects

In recent years, the FDA has become a lot more vocal about the growing popularity of these sunscreen pills. They are not endorsing them. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It seems the FDA would rest if they could have the masses in agreement that these products are not to be taken seriously at all. 

Those who like to follow free thought and find things out through their own experience, have had mixed reviews when it comes to the few brands who are marketing these items. Some have reported side effects to the pills that users worldwide should be made aware of. 

First and foremost, and in line with any sunscreen pills warning, these are not sunblock replacements, so one detrimental side effect is for individuals who expose themselves to harsh UV expecting the pills to take care of their skin. Depending on how prone your skin is to burning, this side effect can range from mild to severe. 

Based on some sunscreen pills reddit reviews, it seems that there aren’t really any overt side effects expressing themselves at this time. That said, there seems to be some debate amongst dermatologists worldwide who are expressing increased concern about these products. 

To them, anything that one consumes orally to manipulate the body’s natural pigmentation pathway is a worrying endeavor, considering that any cells that produce melanin are also the ones that can quickly become cancerous in melanoma. It’s simply too early to tell what the long term ramifications of using these supplements could be. 

Sunscreen Pills on Face

It’s easy to understand why oral sunscreen tablets would see such rapid popularity when one considers the current hype that exists around UV protection of the facial skin. With the skincare industry booming like never before, people around the world are waking up to the importance of a daily regime that typically involves a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a sunscreen. 

red and blue pill on a blue surface

Anything less than these 4 steps is considered negligence to the skin, and anything more is considered being a step ahead of the pack. 

Given the harsh nature of today’s sun, and the increased levels of free radicals present in our atmosphere, the facial skin definitely needs a bit more TLC that other parts of the body. It’s’ the one area that is almost never covered to the outside world, while the body, feet and even hands experience periods of shelter every so often. 

The thought that simply swallowing a pill each day can protect the face from the inside out is an easy selling point. And while we have no doubt that an oral supplement can greatly benefit the skin, we share concern when users are misled to believe that these pills can replace their daily protection rituals. 

Best Sunscreen Pill

Considering that the science and medicine industries are currently very split in their opinions on these devices, it is very difficult to narrow down one sunscreen pill as being better than the rest. At this point in time, this is very much a subjective matter, and users are encouraged to test the waters and figure out which product works best for them. There simply is not enough public research available for one to draw an objective standpoint. 

That said, we did have a conversation with Dr. Jusdon Somerville (MD), author of The Optimal Dose: Restore Your Health With The Power of Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is like sunscreen pills but all natural. It’s a nutrient that is often compared to gamma ray energy, offering humans the increased ability to absorb calcium and rebalance moods. Consuming it orally is said to be like spending a few hours in direct sunshine. 

In his book, Dr. Somerville explains the amazing effects of this particular vitamin. “It also is great for skin cancer. On my website I have a blog where I explain about vitamin D3 and many of its positive effects.”

Sunscreen Pill Brands

Heliocare Sunscreen Pills

Heliocare is one of the more recognizable names in sun-related skin care around the world. Their range of products has been an impressive addition to the skincare market, with just about everything they release doing exactly what it claims to. 

Heliocare Sunscreen Pills

We love that Heliocare markets their pills as something to “compliment topical sun protection”, and not something to replace. This simple acknowledgement sets the bar right in terms of exception and false narrative, making clear from the start what these products are able to do. 

According to Heliocare, their pills are intended to provide extra support and protection to individuals who are more prone to skin cancer and sun damage. They may even work to neutralize free radicals and repair damaged DNA thanks to excessive sun exposure, essentially turning back the clock on any damage that has been done. 

The capsule contains a rich dose of vitamin C and E, both of which have been proven instrumental in restoring health to the skin organ. Niacinamide, prebiotics and bioecolians are also present in the formula, as well as their revolutionary Bioshield System that works to double the strength of your own melanin. 

Murad Sunscreen Pills

Murad Sunscreen Pills

Murad is another esteemed skin care brand whose products have always exceeded expectations. Their “sunscreen pills” are actually more of an internal solution to environmental shielding. They are working from the inside out, to shield the skin from harmful environments. 

We’ve been nothing short of impressed by their products, and their sunscreen pills are worth a closer look. Made with potent pomegranate extract, the pills offer an antioxidant boost that is unmatched in regular supplements. They are 100% natural and contain no added toxins or chemicals, so you really are just getting the best of the nutrients. 

The pills will work overtime to strengthen your external barriers against free radicals. As always, these are not substitutes for sunblock and the skin is very much still able to tan and burn. 

The reviews for Murad’s pills speak for themselves, with customers from around the world taking time out to share the positive results they have observed after just a few weeks of the product. 

Buy Sunscreen Pills

Because sunscreen pills are still somewhat taboo, they are really only available for purchase online, either from the brands directly or from third-party distributors and dermatology wholesalers. 

We recommend a simple Google search of the pill that you have in mind. You’ll be met with numerous “shopping” results showcasing the online stores that can deliver in your IP’s jurisdiction. 

Some sunscreen pills can be found on e-commerce platforms such as Ebay and Amazon, however it is important to keep a close eye out for replica products and fakes that are being sold off as the real deal. Since these products are not regulated yet, there is little to stop scammers from producing placebo mimicking products and selling them off in big-name packaging. 

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