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Biotin for Hair: Complete Guide (2024)

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A mild daily supplement for rapidly increased hair growth? No wonder people are falling head over heels for biotin for hair. Trust us when we say there is a lot to know about this dynamic vitamin when it comes to hair care. Good thing we’ve got you covered! 

In this article we discuss the following:

What is Biotin?

Biotin vitamins fall under the category of vitamin B, or more specifically, vitamin B-7. It is a naturally occurring vitamin in many metabolic processes in both humans and animals, and is a necessary component for good health. 

For some reason, there is widespread inquiry as to is biotin only for females? This is fake news, and biotin remains very much a necessity for all individuals across all genders. Biotin allows for the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids in the body, so a biotin deficiency can generally be associated with a myriad of physical ailments. 

What does Biotin do?

To put it simply, biotin works to maintain the function of the major systems in the body. It works by helping enzymes carry nutrients throughout the body so that regular functions can be carried out without problems. One could say that biotin works to convert the food that you eat into much needed energy for the body. 

There are many people around the world who make use of biotin to manage symptoms associated with diabetes due to its innate ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. 

What does Biotin do for Hair?

To better understand what biotin can do for hair, we spoke with the director at Carnivore Style, Timothy Woods. “Biotin, often known as vitamin B7, promotes hair keratin production and can

speed up follicle growth. It is not kept in the body for lengthy periods of time, and the majority of yours comes from the meals you eat.”, said Woods. 

Biotin hair treatments are becoming more and more sought after aids for the ongoing hair-thinning crisis. People will try anything when they feel their physical appearance is being compromised, and a daily supplement of this simple vitamin is showing widespread results in its ability to increase hair production rates quite significantly. 

Is Biotin Good for Hair?

This begs the question, is biotin actually good for hair? The short answer would probably be yes, but we would be remiss not to take personal situations into consideration. What we mean by this is that biotin’s effect on hair is likely very much dependent on what an individual is dealing with in this department. 

A person with naturally thick, long locks is unlikely to notice any kind of influence of biotin over their hair’s ability to grow, nor condition. Whereas a person who has been struggling with conditions such as alopecia, will very likely see some kind of improvement (or at least acceleration) in their hair’s growth factor abilities. 

Does Biotin Help Hair Grow?

To better understand if biotin can actually help hair grow, we spoke with Lynda Le, nail technician and the founder of the Polish Perfect blog, who started experiencing drastic hair loss a few years back and was on the hunt for a natural solution. “For years, dermatologists have quietly prescribed a B vitamin called biotin for hair loss. Despite the lack of studies showing its benefit, they find it very helpful when treating disorders such as alopecia in men or women and oral use is also safe even at higher dosages with no known side effects,” said Le. 

woman standing near a body of water
By Yoann Boyer  – Unsplash

Le doesn’t rely solely on biotin faster hair growth supplements for all of her results. She knows that biotin is also easily accessed through a conscious diet. “Biotin is present in many foods, including eggs, fish, and meat. It can also be found as an ingredient of seeds or nuts like cashews,” she explained. 

Can Biotin Cause Hair Loss?

While there are a few known side effects linked to consuming too much biotin, causing hair loss is not one of them. People look to biotin reverse hair loss, so were it to pose any risk of the opposite then it’s popularity would greatly plummet. 

It is likely that any suggestion that biotin causes hair loss comes from dissatisfied consumers who had great expectations for biotin to cure their own hair problems. When biotin was not as effective as they had hoped, or had their condition worsened rapidly while they happened to be consuming biotin as a cure, one could easily blame the vitamin for being defective. 

Considering that biotin is a very necessary vitamin in all living metabolic systems, there is no evidence to suggest its presence could result in the loss of hair. 

Does Biotin Work?

Does it work? Does biotin make hair thicker? Again, this depends entirely on the user in question. For some, biotin offers dramatic results, while others are underwhelmed with the changes it brings. 

It’s important to keep in mind that each human body operates in a unique manner, especially when it comes to the absorption of vitamins and minerals. This is why supplements exist in the first place; some people simply cannot absorb certain nutrients without help, while others can produce everything they need without needing to supplement. 

In the former, there are also individuals who may take supplements daily, and still not have the internal capacity to break them down and get them where they need to go. This isn’t all that uncommon, and there are absolutely instances where someone taking daily biotin may simply not be able to absorb it, thus making it look like a lack of results. 

How Long does Biotin Take to Work?

The results of biotin remain largely undocumented, but there are some studies that suggest biotin takes roughly 60 to 90 days to reach full effect. Sometime during this widow is when you’ll start to see results, which is a good thing to keep in mind. There are many who turn to biotin to be a quick fix for their hair-loss problems, and after a month abandon ship due to a lack of improvement.

Give yourself at least 3 months to allow the nutrient to take full effect and calibrate to your body. What’s great about biotin is that natural deficiency in the body is uncommon, which means that anything you supplement immediately goes to improving existing systems. Professional hairstylist and founder of the MyStraightener blog, Monica Davis, says that it is 100% clear that biotin can’t harm you. She reasons that this is due to the water-soluble structure of this vitamin, which means that the entire surplus will be removed from your body with urine. 

“The only disadvantage of this supplement for hair growth is the lack of evidence about its necessity. Biotin deficiency is very rare and must be diagnosed by a doctor. You’re not likely to notice any effects if you don’t have a biotin deficiency. If you do have it, notable effects may come only in 3 or even more months of daily intake.”, elaborates Davis. 

Biotin Side Effects

Is there such a thing as too much biotin? There is, though it is extremely uncommon to get to this point as a dense supplement ratio would be required. Side effects from taking too much biotin (by ignoring recommended doses) include skin rashes, issues with the release of insulin, digestive upset and kidney problems. 

If you’re concerned that you may be experiencing symptoms related to too much biotin, contact a health care provider as soon as you can and discuss your dosage and experience with them. It’s usually a case of simple misunderstanding or self-prescribing. 

Biotin for Hair

The biotin effect on hair is what we’re really interested in. Could this affordable and widely available vitamin offer the masses a solution to hair thinning, shedding and loss in just a matter of months? It seems possible, and while science needs to catch up to the biotin revolution, there’s little stopping consumers from doing their own research, drawing their own conclusions, and making informed decisions about how to best navigate their hair care journeys. 

Biotin for Hair Growth

woman in black coat
By Good Faces – Unsplash

Biotin hair products will promise to do many things, and hair growth is usually one of them. Using biotin for hair growth is a gentle and natural way to increase your hair’s growth rate in a short period of time. 

Biotin is able to affect hair growth due to its ability to stimulate keratin production in the scalp. This inevitably leads to increased activity in each follicle. David Gray is the owner of TalkingTan, and he has some insight to share about this very process. “Biotin increases follicle growth and

stimulates keratin production in hair. It needs to be consumed in order to be effective, which explains why we get most of it from the food we eat.”

Biotin for Hair Growth Results

When it comes to biotin hair growth results, David goes on to explain that it’s an extremely popular supplement for hair, skin, and nail growth for a reason. “Luckily, biotin deficiency is rare, as low levels result in hair loss and brittle nails. So, it goes without saying that biotin can make your hair stronger and less prone to falling out. It is recommended to take between 2-5mg of biotin (in supplement form) daily for visible results.”

Biotin for Hair Loss

Contrary to how they may sound, seeking improved hair growth and combatting hair loss are not the same thing. They are two sides of the same coin, indeed, but they are very different in cause and effect. Does biotin stop hair loss? Unfortunately, this kind of definitive conclusion is not something science has confirmed at this time. 

Biotin may very much help aid the growth factors of hair, but there is no evidence that suggests it can totally halt the natural process of hair loss in individuals who have simply reached this phase of their lives. 

Biotin for Beard Growth

Biotin as a nutrient doesn’t know the difference between scalp hair or beard hair. It targets the stimulation of keratin in the body, and this would naturally affect any areas where keratin is usually present. 

In men, keratin is richly found on the face where one would grow beard hair, as well as across the scalp. Females tend to have less keratin in the face, and more across the scalp, which is why men typically experience balding much earlier on in life compared to women. 

That said, biotin has shown results in increasing both beard growth rate and density, with some people reporting improvement in texture as well (less itchy!).

Biotin for Balding

Male-pattern baldness tends to develop slowly, but once it’s in full effect, it can be extremely detrimental to the self-esteem and confidence of the individual in question. Of course, men aren’t the only ones who lose hair over time, and balding is an endemic that plagues all human beings in due time. 

This is where biotin for balding comes into the picture. Due to the impressive ability it holds to increase keratin levels, biotin tends to have a positive effect on mild to moderate signs of balding, in both males and females. 

One female who is all too familiar with this is Brianna Leonhard, founder of Third Row Adventures. “After my first child, I lost a good portion of my hair (estimated 30-40%) and it took almost a full year to see it begin to grow back in (due mostly to breastfeeding). After my second child, I began taking biotin right away to help with the hair growing back faster.”

Brianna explains how she saw her hair grow back fully within 6 months instead of the year it took with the first baby. “I took 5000 mcg (one biotin capsule) per day until I was finished nursing. After that I felt like my body was able to retain nutrients sufficiently on its own so I was able to stop taking it. It is also safe to take while breastfeeding,” she adds. 

Biotin for Alopecia

Alopecia is a condition whereby the immune system starts to attack one’s hair follicles, usually due to the onset of excessive stress. The result is hair loss virtually overnight, and while there is a myriad of medications one can take to try and combat the condition, very few of them are natural in contents. 

Does biotin regrow hair that is lost due to alopecia? It can. Since biotin works directly with your keratin levels, there is a chance that it could help diffuse the intensity of the immune attacks on the follicles themselves. Since biotin also helps with inflammation (to a degree), it can ease the immune system elsewhere in the body, which could possible ease the responses being directed at one’s hair. 

Benefits of Biotin for Hair

Increasing biotin hair growth rate is definitely the overhang benefit of consuming this dynamic vitamin, but what else does biotin bring to regular users?

Well, if you want to dive a bit deeper into preventative measures, biotin for hair is believed to also help with scalp conditions such as dandruff and itchiness. There is also the benefit of hair becoming extra shiny over time, as well as much stronger. 

These are all great reasons to look into incorporating biotin into your daily supplement routing, as one doesn’t necessarily need improved hair growth to enjoy the benefits of shinier, stronger hair in general.

Keratin vs Biotin

All things considered, why not just take keratin for hair, and skip the biotin altogether? Biotin and keratin supplements exist widely across the wellness markets, and it’s true that they both offer very similar effects when used for the improvement of hair. 

In fact, supplements containing biotin with keratin combined are also becoming more freely available, and explore the possibilities of newfound hair growth speeds due to their dual action. 

That said, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. While biotin is a vitamin, keratin is a type of protein. Biotin is an active agent, while keratin is more of a protective one. Biotin is water-soluble, while keratin is water-insoluble. 

In short, keratin is more reliant on biotin for effect, while biotin is effective with or without keratin. 

Biotin vs Collagen for Hair

Collagen is another supplement that one can turn to for the purpose of increasing hair growth and quality. It promotes healthy hair through amino acids and proteins, which is very different to how biotin tends to work. 

Collagen is a great supplement to take daily, not only just for hair. This is a crucial component to healthy hair, skin and nails, and is integral in the aging process. As we get older, our body’s ability to naturally produce collagen gets weaker and weaker, and thus we end up with less and less as the years roll on. A supplement can offset collagen loss quite significantly, giving your hair, skin and nails a chance to retain a younger biological clock. 

Biotin for Hair Reviews

As with anything that is unregulated and largely self-prescribed, biotin’s feedback and reviews remain an array of mixed emotions and confounding variables. For some, biotin is the supplement that saved the day, taking the impending doom of a hair crisis and turning things right around. 

For others, the reviews are not all that positive. Many express no results at all, while others speculate that their commencement of a daily biotin supplement is the sole reason their hair-fall rate worsened. The latter has never been proven and is highly improbable, but when you put all your eggs in one basket it’s easy to feel disappointed with no sign of improvement. 

Biotin for Hair Loss Reviews

Reviews that are solely focused on hair loss and the use of biotin are generally also a melting pot of opinions and frustrations. As we mentioned earlier, targeting hair loss is very different to looking to improve growth speeds; the former is almost always related to an underlying health issue that likely requires a lot more than a single supplement, while the latter is simply a matter of personal aesthetic preference. 

All is not lost, however, as there are many positive reviews from people around the world who have seen tremendous improvements in their personal hair loss conditions thanks to a dedicated period of use involving biotin (and/or collagen/keratin combined). 

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth Reviews

A lot of beauty brands are jumping on the biotin bandwagon and taking the liberty of adding this vitamin directly into their existing hair care products. Shampoos and conditioners can now be bought with biotin as an active ingredient, whereby the product would be directly applied to the problem scalp for topical effect. 

This is a gray area, unfortunately, as there is little evidence to suggest that using biotin in a topical form is as effective as consuming it orally. The reviews seem to match this tone, with many reporting somewhat disappointing results even after extensive periods of use. 

Because biotin is an internally metabolized vitamin, it makes sense that consuming it orally would be far more effective than a topical alternative. 

Biotin for Male Hair Loss Reviews

There are few beauty/ self care products that see men around the world taking to the comments sections quite like biotin has. It seems the results speak for themselves, and a lot of men have much to say in terms of positive feedback and improvement in their scalp and beard production rates. 

Biotin for Hair Before and After

When it comes to natural self care alternatives, one of the best ways to determine whether a product works or not is to simply examine some reliable before and after footage. Of course, no one can be sure that because a specific product worked for one individual, it will do the same for them, but there is something to be said about photographic evidence and documentation that supersedes basic word of mouth. 

Biotin for African American Hair Growth Before and After

The following are some images showing the before and after effects of biotin on African American hair:

Biotin for Hair Loss Before and After

The following are some images showing the before and after effects of biotin on individuals suffering from hair loss:

Biotin Uses

Since biotin has proven to be so effective for so many, it now comes in many different forms that are all targeted at the improvement of human hair. Here are a few forms that you can look into if getting more of this vitamin is of interest to you. 

Biotin Shampoo

As mentioned, biotin shampoos are products that have had vitamin B7 added to their formulations, for the purpose of topical exposure to the nutrient on offer. These shampoos work by interacting directly with the hair follicles at the time of washing, giving the hair a short window in which it can absorb the biotin and allow it to take effect thereafter. 

Biotin shampoos are becoming more widely available, largely because there is currently little to no relation about how much or how little biotin needs to be present in order to see results. A lot of brands are using the word “biotin” as a marketing ploy, knowing that it makes their product more admirable on a shelf if the label is boasting this important vitamin. This does not speak to the integrity of the actual product or the effect of the formula on hair after extensive use. 

Does Biotin Shampoo Work

At this time, there is no scientific evidence that is in support of biotin shampoos as a sufficient source of vitamin B7 for improved hair (or skin, or nails). The problem doesn’t necessarily lie in the levels of biotin contained within the product, but rather with the natural absorption abilities of the scalp and hair. 

The scalp simply doesn’t have the ability to absorb the biotin in a way that would be beneficial to the follicles it produces. The interaction between keratin and hair follicles is something that takes place from the inside out; trying to reverse this process is a little tone deaf, albeit impossible. That said, this does not speak to the topical possibilities that shampoo biotin holds for improving the physical strength of hair follicles. However, even if it does have the ability to do so, results will still not come close to what is possible with an orally supplemented version. 

Biotin Conditioner

Similar to biotin shampoos, biotin conditioners are sweeping their way through the self care shelves. In the same fashion, these are merely regular conditioner formulas that have different levels of biotin added to them. 

Like biotin shampoo, conditioners are topical alternatives and thus cannot offer much in terms of internal absorption for the purpose of increasing keratin production. They are also minimally effective in improving hair strength and texture. 

Biotin Supplement for Hair

A biotin supplement remains the most effective way to deliver biotin where it is needed most: inside of the body. 

These supplements come in many different forms, and many different doses depending on their intended function. Using biotin for the purpose of healthier nails, for example, requires a far smaller dose compared to that of regrowing hair. 

A biotin supplement could look like a swallowing capsule, or it could look like a powder that needs to be dissolved and swallowed in water (or a smoothie). 

A biotin supplement, when taken as directed, can offer fabulous results for just about all hair types and across all genders. Always speak to your health care practitioner before self-prescribing supplements, especially since too much biotin is a very real concern. 

Biotin Pills for Hair

Biotin pills are synonymous with biotin supplements, and merely describe the capsule version of vitamin B7. Personally, we find biotin pills the more convenient option when taking this supplement long term, as they are easy to swallow and tend to be more concentrated. 

Biotin in powder form is typically less concentrated and requires a bit more effort to consume daily. Biotin hair pills are becoming more widely available, and are easy to incorporate into your existing supplement routine. 

Biotin Dosage

Your biotin dosage will depend on the state of your health and your intentions for consuming this kind of supplement. Once you get really clear on what it is you want out of this journey, it’s easy to calculate the appropriate dosage.

The best time to take biotin is on an empty stomach. To ensure this, try to swallow biotin supplements an hour before a meal, or alternatively, wait two hours after eating so that your belly is mostly empty. Adhering to this simple time frame means you’ll be better able to absorb the biotin and reap the rewards, as it won’t be broken down by intrusive acids or foods sitting in the gut. 

How Much Biotin per Day

And so the big question remains, how much biotin should I take? Again, this is very much dependent on your current state of health and wellbeing. Certain things affect a biotin dosage, such as if a person is breastfeeding, or if a person is below or above a certain age. 

While a biotin overdose is largely unheard of and very, very unlikely, you still want to adhere to a well thought-out dose so that you can enjoy the optimal effects of the vitamin. 

In conventional studies, anything between 30 to 100 mcg has been considered to be a basic, daily dose for anyone older than 19 years of age. People who are breastfeeding should ideally adhere to just 35mcg per day. 

That said, when one is seeking the use of biotin for a tough purpose, such as regrowing hair, it is understandable that these levels would need to be largely increased. Taking biotin 5000 mcg is usually recommended, though consumers have also been given the green light for biotin 10000 mcg as a safe dose for daily use.  

Do Biotin Pills Work

Biotin pills work far better than other forms of this vitamin that are currently available on the market. When compared to something like biotin shampoo, biotin pills are a far more potent and effective solution, offering more rapid and tangible results. 

As we mentioned earlier on in this piece, it is vital that you give these supplements a fair window of time to properly calibrate to your body. 3 months is the approximate time frame around which one can expect to see results. 

Biotin Oil for Hair

In an effort to offer something a little more potent than a biotin enriched shampoo or conditioner, some brands have come out and offered biotin oil for hair. 

Hair oils are popular and, for the most part, effective to an extent. If it’s moisture and nourishment that you’re seeking, then hair oil is generally a great addition to any self-care routine. 

That said, hair oils that contain biotin are generally no more effective than the shampoos and conditioners that they compete with. Again, this is a question of scalp absorption abilities, and speaks very little to the products themselves. Even the most potent of biotin hair oils could be rendered completely ineffective if a scalp is simply not able to pull the nutrients to where they are needed most. 

Liquid Biotin for Hair

Liquid biotin, on the other hand, offers more realistic competition to biotin powders and pills. This is biotin in a liquid form, and it is consumed orally, usually through the aid of a dropper mechanism. 

The biotin is dropped directly under the tongue where it is rapidly absorbed and distributed throughout the body. This is similar to how one would consume a vitamin B12 supplement; under the tongue and in direct contact with the saliva glands. 

Liquid biotin is a wonderful alternative to pills and powders, as it is generally more pleasant to consume. Most of these liquids are flavored to mask the natural bitterness of vitamin B, and the dropper is a convenient mode of administration that can be done quickly each evening before bed. 

Best Biotin for Hair

Let’s dive into some of the better biotin brands for hair care, and narrow down the options for interested individuals who have no idea where to start! The following are some tried and tested options that we’ve personally loved sampling. Here goes:

Best Biotin for Hair Growth

Country Life Maxi-Hair Plus Biotin Capsules 

Country Life Maxi-Hair Plus Biotin Capsules 

Affordable and unassuming, Country Life has one of the most wonderful biotin formulations on the market — in our humble opinion! If hair growth is your main concern, and you’re not dealing with underlying conditions such as premature balding or alopecia, then this is a supplement that you should take a closer look at. 

In addition to more rapid hair growth, your skin and nails will also benefit greatly from this vitamin complex. It is combined with botanicals and amino acids, which means faster, easier absorption once it reaches the body’s internal systems. There is also silica in each capsule, which is known to offer great benefit to hair as well. 

Best Liquid Biotin for Hair Growth 

Carlyle Fast Acting Liquid Biotin

Carlyle Fast Acting Liquid Biotin

A berry flavored liquid biotin supplement that is also sugar and gluten free — What more do you need?

We’re big fans of this high dose biotin supplement by Carlyle; the brand has always delivered on their claims, and this rendition is no different. We appreciate the vegetarian and non-GMO nature of the product, as both of these things can be hard to isolate when looking for a liquid brand. 

Of the DV for biotin, a single dropper offers 33,333%. The FDA has officially approved this as a viable supplement for the purpose of increasing biotin in the body, which is something that very few brands can boast at this point in time. 

Best Biotin Gummies for Hair Growth 

Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummy Vitamins

Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummy Vitamins

Supplements in the form of chewable gummies offer welcome alternatives to popping pills, liquid drops and powdered scoops. They’re essentially like eating some very beneficial sweets, and while gummies are generally intended to get kids their daily dose, there is little stopping adults from enjoying the benefits as well. 

VitaFusion’s biotin gummies offer an astounding 5000mcg per serving — these are definitely not suitable for little ones! This competitive dose makes these a welcome addition to any daily health care practice, and one can ensure support for hair, skin and nails over the course of consumption. 

These gummies are naturally berry flavored — bonus! 

Best Biotin Pills for Hair Growth

Olly Ultra Soft Gels Hair

Olly Ultra Soft Gels Hair

Oh, Olly… what were we doing before you? These soft gel capsules have come to save the world from slow hair growth, we’re sure of it. 

A daily dose of Olly brings with it a myriad of benefits, not limited to breakage prevention, strengthening and preservation of natural pigments. A single serving contains 10,000% of the DV for biotin, with the addition of vitamin B12, zinc, copper, fruit extracts, vitamin D and silicon. 

It’s any scalp’s dream supplement, and while Olly doesn’t come cheap, it’s very much worth splurging if the state of your hair is causing you to lose sleep. 

Best Biotin for Hair Loss 

Mykind Organics Garden of Life Vegan Collagen Builder

Mykind Organics Garden of Life Vegan Collagen Builder

Since hair loss is a whole other kind of uphill climb, we’ve selected the supplement that we feel can best combat this condition from multiple different angles. These capsules from Garden of Life are not only biotin based, but they also contain a strong dose of hair-growing collagen that makes for one heck of a treatment plan. 

Combined with antioxidants from pomegranate, rooibos and turmeric, this particular supplement is really a life saver for people who are looking for any kind of improvement in their hair loss journey. The supplement doesn’t come cheap, but it’s pennies compared to the likes of implants and other more drastic treatments. 

Best Biotin for Men’s Hair 

Hims Biotin Gummies

Hims Biotin Gummies

This is a brand that specializes in supporting men through their health and wellness journeys, and they are doing wonderful work in this respect. Hims’ line of biotin gummies has seen drastic improvement in men’s hair all around the world, with their most effective results targeting the infamous receding hairline. 

The ingredient list is quite the cocktail of biotin, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin B6, B12, C, D and E. There is no gluten or artificial sweeteners in the capsules, so they are very gentle on the digestive system.

We recommend looking into their subscription systems in order to save on your purchases and also be eligible for a myriad of deals. 

Biotin for Hair Brands

There are some brands that may not have made our roundup for the best biotin products available now, but they still very much deserve some credit for offering effective hair care supplements to consumers worldwide. We’d encourage readers to look into these brands, as they have a lot to offer in terms of biotin for hair treatments. 

Silk Advanced Biotin Complex

Silk Advanced Biotin Complex

Silk’s selling point is that they can get you longer, thicker, silkier looking hair in a very short period of time. Their very advanced biotin complex supplement is an all natural solution to the woes of every hair care. 

When you take Silk daily, you will see a very rapid decrease in breakage, as well as rapid improvement in the overall condition of your skin and nails. Their formula has clinically proven benefits for hair growth, and works to hydrate hair at the follicle so that it is able to increase length without obstruction. 

This product is recommended for anyone experiencing thinning, brittle or frail hair. Results are estimated as early as 21 days, which is much faster than a lot of brands out there at the moment. The formula is completely free of GMO and synthetic ingredients. 

Where to Buy Biotin for Hair

Thanks to its increasing popularity, it’s now easier to buy biotin supplements than ever before. One doesn’t have to search far and wide to get a hold of the stuff, nor do you need to book time with a healthcare professional to gain a prescription. 

Biotin is freely available to all who seek it. The form of biotin desired will determine where one has to go to purchase a product. Biotin-rich shampoos and conditioners, for example, are usually available at any local supermarket or drugstore, while more potent supplements may require one to use the internet and courier service for delivery. 

All things considered, we’ve found that we’ve most enjoyed purchasing biotin products directly from the brands in question. Since these are supplements, a lot of brands offer subscription services where they will ensure you always have a fresh supply to get you through the month. This is not something that a local shop or e-commerce platform can offer. 

That said, we will always advocate for the purchase of health and wellness supplements at your local Walmart store. There is much to be said about the variety at a Walmart, as they make a conscious effort to stay up to date with the latest biotin products and brands. 

Liquid Biotin at Walmart

Liquid biotin is notoriously one of the most difficult forms of biotin to track down. Those that stock it, tend to sell out very quickly, and one is left making online purchases from different parts of the world in order to obtain a bottle. 

In recent months, Walmart has made a point of keeping liquid biotin well stocked and at the ready for all who may desire its use. You can purchase both in-store and online, and they’ll get it to you within a very timely manner. 

We recommend calling ahead when shopping for liquid biotin at Walmart! If your local store has not yet agreed to stock it, you may just be the friendly nudge they were waiting for…

Chewable Biotin at Walmart

Similarly, chewable biotin gummies are also notoriously in short supply across supplement markets worldwide. Aside from directly through brands, or on Amazon, biotin gummies are relatively unheard of in-store. 

Walmart has again come to the rescue on this one, and has been noted to be stocking biotin gummies more and more widely. Again, we would always call ahead if intending to visit in person, otherwise placing an order online is a sure way to ensure you get your fill. 

Please also note that there are also certain forms of chewable biotin that are not necessarily in gummy form. Chewable pills are uncommon, but do exist and can occasionally be found on the shelves of any local Walmart. Keep those eyes peeled! 

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