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Silk Pillowcase for Hair: Complete Guide (2024)

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Pillow, pillow, on the bed… wrap your silk around my head! If you’ve not already heard the buzz, silk pillowcase for hair are the new ways to engage in slumber. With an impressive list of benefits, we had to take a closer look at the science behind these sleep-sacks. 

In this article we discuss the following:

Silk Pillowcase for Hair

While modern society may only be jumping onto this beauty trend now, sleeping on silk is a tactic that actually originated in the East a long, long time ago. Silk itself was founded in China around 5000 years ago, founded by accident by the Empress Si Ling-Chi whilst sitting under a mulberry tree. 

It was only a matter of time before this newly woven gem made way for the famous Silk Road trade route out of China and into the surrounding countries. Everyone wanted their share of this royal fabric — silk sheets became a household standard for upper class homemakers for centuries to follow. 

Fast forward a couple thousand years, and a silk pillowcase has once again become a prized possession. Having proven great benefit to both skin and hair, these pillowcases are rumored to do a lot more than simply guide one into slumber. 

Silk Pillowcase for Curly Hair

Silk pillowcases don’t discriminate; they are just as suitable for curly hair as they are straight. It matters not who is using the case itself, but rather how it is being used and if the right silk is present for the individual in question. 

If your curls tend to lose their tact and volume as you sleep, making for a lengthy morning routine in order to get them back to prime condition, then you want to look into investing in a 100% natural silk pillowcase. Curly hair doesn’t seem to recognize this material as strenuous or altering to the structural integrity of the curls, thus ensuring you wake up with your hair almost exactly as it was when you went to sleep. 

Basically, there is no friction between the hair and the fabric through the night. Where cotton or linen would usually rub the hair into a bit of a nest, instead the silk allows the hair to glide over it, leaving little room for distress. 

Silk Pillowcase for African American Hair

Another common query is for silk pillowcase black hair. Does African American hair get along well with silk? There’s a saying within the beauty industry that cotton pillowcases are afro-haired women’s worst nightmares, but a lot of people don’t actually even know it!

Not only do cotton pillowcases have zero ability to lock in moisture, they actually work to absorb any existing moisture from the hair and into the fibers. You are literally dehydrating your hair as you sleep, imagine that? 

More than this, cotton cases tend to cause knots and unnecessary breakage, particularly in African American hair. A silk pillowcase will help lock in moisture, prevent overnight knotting and reduce breakage to a significant degree. 

Silk Pillowcase Types

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

A mulberry silk pillowcase is the type that you’ll find mentioned most often across the internet. Mulberry silk was, after all, the first type of silk invented all these years ago when the empress rested beneath her mulberry tree. 

Different people prefer different types of silk. We spoke with Nicole Crockett, founder of Pure Sol, about this particular type of pillowcase that they have been retailing for quite some time. “When it comes to finishing off your evening beauty routine, our silk pillowcase is a beauty MUST! Its soft and gentle texture reduces creasing and wrinkles while locking in that much-needed moisture to your delicate skin and hair!” 

Nicole adds that one can wake up free of the dreaded bed head lock as hair glides friction-free over their pillowcase’s silky texture. Silk helps to retain moisture and reduce friction that can cause tangles and breakage. It is especially beneficial for curly or natural hair that does not retain moisture on its own. 

Organic Silk Pillowcase

Like anything that relies on nature to exist, not all silk is organic. The market has become pretty saturated in recent years, which means one has to now decipher a real silk pillowcase from the fakes. 

While non-organic pillowcases are already better than cotton, it is always best to use products that don’t involve any toxins in the making of. Pesticides, for example, have a way of embedding themselves into the fabric even long after the silk itself has undergone its lengthy manufacturing process. 

Nine times out of ten this won’t affect a human being at all, however it’s never good to be breathing in or touching toxin-rich products for long periods of time. Allergies can lie dormant for decades just waiting for the right kind of chemical interaction to wake them up, and given the amount of time one spends getting up close and personal with their pillowcases, it’s just best to opt for organic whenever possible! 

Vegan Silk Pillowcase

There are some who feel that, since silk requires worms for production, the fabric itself is not vegan-friendly and could be a form of animal-exploitation. This is an argument for another day, but the good thing is that there are vegan silk alternatives on the market for anyone who isn’t comfortable purchasing the real thing. 

Not to be confused with cheap silk pillowcases, vegan silk is an intricate product that takes much time and effort to produce. It can sometimes retail for a lot higher than the natural counterparts, but this depends on how readily available they are in your particular geographic location. 

Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase

Charmeuse is a 100% silk pillowcase that typically competes with the mulberry market. This is an extremely lightweight fabric and it is woven with satin in addition to the silk threads. It’s extremely soft and comfortable, offering a smooth surface upon which skin and hair would be lucky to rest upon. 

This is known as the anti-wrinkle dream fabric, as well as the most ideal pillowcase for anyone who needs a cooling effect on their skin as they sleep (perhaps after laser skin treatments or suffering any kind of burns). Charmeuse silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for little one’s as well. 

Natural Silk Pillowcase

Any pillowcase made with naturally grown silk can be considered a natural silk case! Essentially, everything except for vegan silk falls under this category. A 100% silk pillowcase is always natural, given that nature and the elements are essentially responsible for this fabric’s production. 

We always recommend pure silk pillowcases over the alternatives, especially if it’s the beauty benefits that you’re after, and not just shining sheets in your humble abode. 

a woman hugging a pillow

Silk Pillowcase Benefits

To better understand the benefits of silk pillow covers, we spoke with Monica Davis, the founder and editor-in-chief of My Straightener. “There are two major benefits of using silk pillowcases. First, the smooth surface of both artificial and natural silk reduces the friction and

de-stresses your strands and scalp during the night. Lower friction is equal to lower stretching and fewer damaged hairs per night. Second, silk absorbs less hair moisture than cotton and other popular pillowcase materials, which protects your hair from morning frizz and over-drying.”

Does a Silk Pillowcase Help Your Hair

While the above is all good and well, it still begs the question, are silk pillowcases worth it? Do they really help? Sheila McCrink from Kelz Media thinks they do indeed, and lists her top 5 reasons as to why: 

1. Silk Helps Save Skin’s Moisture: High-quality silk is less absorbent than cotton, helping the skin retain valuable moisture while we sleep.

2. Silk Helps Protect From Wrinkles: The natural slip of silk minimizes stretching and tugging of delicate facial skin throughout the night. It’s literally helping you with anti-aging in your sleep.

3. Silk Helps Preserve Hair: Silk prevents hair from being pulled, tangled, and damaged, all while reducing frizz and bed head.

4. It’s A Personal Treat: Sleeping on natural silk elevates your beauty sleep with an exceptional luxury experience. 

5. It’s Effortless: Completion of your night skin care regimen with a silk pillowcase saves the work that you put into your skin care, helping to preserve skin health while you sleep.

Silk vs Satin Pillowcases

Satin and silk pillowcases are not to be confused. While they can look similar, they actually have largely different effects on hair during sleep. As you delve deeper into this debate, you’ll find people are generally very much pro one, and anti the other.

One thing to note is that satin and silk pillowcases may affect the hair differently in terms of interaction, but they actually do both hold the same benefits, such as being hypoallergenic, non-absorbent of moisture and incredibly breathable. 

Is Silk or Satin Pillowcase Better for Hair?

In short, there’s really no way of saying which pillowcase is the ultimate better choice for hair. It is very much dependent on how one sleeps; remember, some people make more pillow contact with their face than they do their hair, and vice versa. 

Satin is generally regarded as the better option for individuals with coarse or curly hair, while silk is great for anyone with naturally straight, limp hair. 

How to Tell the Difference Between Silk and Satin

Telling silk and satin apart is actually very easy once you know what to look for. It helps to keep in mind that silk is a natural fabric, while satin is created through a specific weaving technique. As a result, silk has an even shine on both sides, and it doesn’t matter which way you use it as there is zero difference from back to front. 

Satin, on the other hand, tends to have a rich gloss on one side, and an obvious dullness on the other. 

Satin or Silk Pillowcase for Curly Hair

Typically, individuals with more coarse, curly hair will find that satin is far more forgiving as a sleeping aid. Victoria Wildhorn from Mattress Clarity expands on this: “Anyone with long hair, especially curly, coily, or frizz-prone, should pay extra attention to the products they use — to wash (shampoos/conditioners/oils), dry (towels), and sleep (pillowcases).”

Wildhorn adds that, regarding a specific pillowcase, she’d highly recommend Kitsch’s satin pillowcases, specifically. “While they only come in a limited range of colors/patterns, the quality of the pillowcase puts it above your standard Amazon quality. Kitsch’s pillowcases are machine washable and have a zipper to ensure your pillow stays in place. No annoying loose tags, either.”

What has Victoria noticed since starting to use of one of these covers? “I have noticed a major difference in decreasing split ends, and also don’t worry anymore about going to bed with my hair wet or damp. The silky material, unlike cotton or jersey, won’t harm your hair strands and make them frail or frizzy.”

Silk Pillowcase vs Wrapping Hair

It didn’t take long for someone to level up the everyday pillowcase and simply opt to wrap the hair in silk instead. Silk bonnets are now widely available, and are a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to give up the aesthetic of their bedding just to sleep on silk pillows. 

A silk bonnet is actually a lot less friction-filled compared to the average pillowcase. It takes all of the hair up into one solid bundle, and wraps it in place for the duration of the night. This almost guarantees safeguarding of your lush locks, keeping friction to the absolute minimum. For anyone suffering from excessive hair fall, this is definitely a silk alternative worth checking out. 

Silk vs Bamboo Pillowcase for Hair

Bamboo is the other natural substance that is now being sought after for the making of pillow covers. Bamboo can feel a lot like silk or cashmere, when properly manufactured. It is incredibly soft, and thus just as suitable for beauty sleep for her skin and hair. 

People who suffer from naturally frizzy hair tend to enjoy bamboo cases a lot more, as the smoothness of the bamboo keeps the texture of the hair in tact for longer. Bamboo is also naturally anti-dust, so dust mites are less likely to embed themselves in your locks when using this kind of pillowcase. 

Silk Pillowcase Colors

The good news is that these days you can pretty much get a silk pillowcase in any color range you desire. Previously, silk pillowcases were pretty much always white or black, with little range in between for alternative bedroom aesthetics. 

White Silk Pillowcase

What’s interesting to note when choosing your silk pillowcase, is that natural silk is produced in a neutral cream-like color. This is the result of worms that have not been interfered with; their most natural state of production. 

If you find silk in any color other than this, it means that the silk has been dyed, either in post-production or by manipulating the diet of the worms as they make it. This could be slightly difficult to wrap one’s head around, and it definitely causes the animal-cruelty community to take a closer look at the ongoings of this industry. 

Black Silk Pillowcase

Black silk is often referred to as “gummed” silk. There is no way to manipulate a worm to produce jet-black silk, so these silks are typically treated upon completion with an iron-rich mud that seeps into the filaments of the silk to generate the dark hue. 

A black silk pillowcase is a great addition to just about any home. But one needs to make a note to wash it often, as it is not a fabric that will show dirt build up. There is nothing wrong with this, however sleeping on a less than clean pillow can negatively affect the skin and hair over time. 

Grey Silk Pillowcase

Interestingly, grey is a silk hue that can be produced through the tactical feeding of larvae and worms. The depth of grey is hard to determine, but for the most part natural grey silks are subtle and lightly toned. Darker shades of grey can be created using the same iron-mud technique used to produce black silks, only in more saturated quantities. 

Silk Pillowcase Reviews

This doesn’t happen often with the alternative beauty industry, but for once the online reviews and public opinion appears to be largely unanimous. The results are in, and people love these products. Almost everyone (at least those who commit to using a silk pillowcase for longer than a year) has only praises to sing about how different their relationship with both their hair and skin is since making the switch. 

Silk Pillowcase Hair Before and After

As always, the proof is in the pudding. Here are some real-life examples of happy customers who documented their progress when using a silk pillowcase:

Silk Pillowcase Hair Before and After

Best Silk Pillowcase

What then, is the best silk pillowcase on the market? In our humble opinion, it’s much of a muchness when it comes to these heavenly pockets. All one really needs to do is find a quality brand, and from there… it’s all up to nature. 

Best Silk Pillowcase on Amazon

Fisher’s Finery Silk Pillowcase 

Coming in at a whopping $50 per unit, the Fisher’s Finery silk pillowcase range is one of the finest available on Amazon at this time. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, the range offers an impressive 11 colors! 

A lot of people seek out mulberry silk for the prevention of wrinkles, but this is equally as great for keeping hair in prime condition. 

Silk Pillowcase Brands

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk has been known for producing some of the world’s best silk-based products since 2004. From pillow covers to scrunches, Slip Silk knows what works best for hair and how to structure their products for maximum benefit. 

Ranging between king and queen size, their cases don’t run cheap, but they are made with some of the finest long fiber mulberry silk on the market. Their pillowcases are considered to be one of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets, recommended by hairstylists and dermatologists everywhere.

Slip Silk Pillowcase Review

To get a first hand review of the product, we spoke with Stefanie Parks, CEO and Partner at Derm Warehouse. “Slipsilk is specially-commissioned, developed and refined over ten years

to provide the most effective combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability. They use the highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforce the strictest quality guidelines, including non-toxic dyes.”

She goes on to express that one of the many benefits is its anti-aging properties. “The silk fibers in these pillowcases are significantly less absorbent than many other fibers, so they can keep your skin’s moisture and expensive face and hair products where they belong, on your face and hair while you’re in bed.” 

“Silk can also help to reduce friction, which can reduce stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin. It also prevents you from waking up with bedhead or causing damage to your hair. Other pillowcases may pull and tug on your hair throughout the night, leading to crazy hair in the morning. Silk is gentle on your hair and helps to preserve your hairstyle. The SLIP Queen Pillowcase comes in multiple colors to fit all preferences,” says Parks. 

Bed Bath and Beyond Silk Pillowcase

BB&B don’t have a silk pillowcase of their own, instead they stock a variety of different brands in an array of different price ranges. This gives their customers access to the world of silk sleeping, without excluding anyone due to cost or type. 

From brands like Brookstone to Night Satin, Morning Glamour to Nestwell — you’ll find it all online or in store at Bed Bath and Beyond. If the higher end products are catching your eye, keep an eye out for holiday sales — they happen fairly often. 

Alaska Bear Silk Pillowcase

Alaska Bear is a well known brand selling 100% natural silk pillowcases, made with entirely hypoallergenic breathable fibers. Their main benefit is the anti-aging properties that come with sleeping on the surface, but anti-frizz for hair and preventing follicles from drying out is also much of their appeal! 

Alaska Bear is considered an entry level range, so prices are extremely affordable compared to the higher end brands. 

Spasilk Pillowcase

Silk is suitable for the whole family, but not many brands have catered to the baby and toddler market when it comes to these products. Enter Spasilk, the leading pillowcase brand for little ones and adults. 

It’s never too early to start sleeping on silk, and it is thought that doing so can significantly decrease future skin and hair conditions from ever setting in. This makes sense, considering the hypoallergenic nature of silk and how sensitive developing bodies can be to certain triggers. 

Spasilk Pillowcase Review

Unfortunately, the internet has been less than kind to Spasilk’s brand. You see, upon arrival of one’s purchase, you’ll find that this is not 100% silk, but rather reads “100% Polyester Charmeuse Satin”. 

The false advertising has sent hundreds, even thousands, of customers into a feedback frenzy, all expressing their disappointment at this undisclosed information. That said, in and amongst these nay-sayers, there are those who opted to use the product anyway, and loved it.  

Shhh Silk Pillowcase

“We help people fall in love with their sleep routine,” says Olivia, founder of Shhh Silk. That they do, and their range doesn’t stop at sleep products. Shhh Silk sells scrunchies, face masks and even silk masks for Covid 19 purposes. 

To prove just how confident they are in their pillow cases, Shhh Silk offers all customers a 100 night guarantee. This means one can quite literally sleep on the silk for 100 consecutive nights, and if left unsatisfied, receive a full refund. 

They recently came out with a mottled marble range that we find unlike anything else on the current market. A level up for those who value unique interior design in the bedroom.  

Celestial Silk Pillowcase

Another brand who have taken to unique print pillowcases (galaxy, florals, waves) is Celestial Silk, a manufacturer of 100% mulberry silk sleep products. 

This midway range is pricey but still affordable, offering consumers the chance to dabble in high quality silk at a medium price range. If you know how expensive silk pillowcases can be, these are actually a bargain if we do say so ourselves. 

Their range of colors is also something worth mentioning. Pink, brown, red, turquoise, yellow, gold, and even cobalt blue — they have it all!

Celestial Silk Pillowcase Reviews

The reviews are in, and Celestial seems to have stolen the hearts of some, and annoyed the hell out of others. It seems there is a big discrepancy in quality when it comes to the different cases. We suspect it may have something to do with the complicated dye-jobs of some of their products, which would make for a lower quality finished product as opposed to a pillowcase that was left in its natural hue. 

Some love them, some hate them — but there is no denying that even where the quality falters, this is genuine silk and they are not guilty of false advertising. 

Zimasilk 100% Silk Mulberry Pillowcase

Zimasilk are 100% mulberry-based pillowcases available for purchase on Amazon. There are very few pillowcase brands who can compete with the color range that Zima offers. Their price range is considerably low given the quality of the silk, and the brand is happy to offer a 180 day satisfaction guarantee, or they will make things right within 24 hours. 

Ethical Silk Pillowcase

The Ethical Silk Co. is a name you’ll do well to remember. Their small scale business makes a few quality products, with no “natural” or artificial dying techniques at all. For this reason, there is only one color of silk pillowcase available, and that would be the neutral creme produced naturally by the worms. 

The Ethical Silk Co. sources their silk from India. Because of the sustainable nature of the silk, their pillowcases actually offer a stunning matte luster, as opposed to the typical glossy finish of most silks.

Sheridan Silk Pillowcase

We’ve always been impressed by the Sheridan silk collection. They are one of the only places to buy quality Lanham mulberry silk-made products in a limited array of colors. The price tags are hefty, but not without some perks. The pillowcases can be safely machine washed, without risk to the structural integrity of the products. This is largely unheard of when it comes to silk covers, and a lot of people are happy to fork over the extra dollars at the thought of not having to hand wash every 7 to 10 days. 

How Often Should you Wash Silk Pillowcases

Since silk pillowcases are going to be in contact with your precious hair and face, it goes without saying that washing them fairly often is an absolute necessity. A good wash every 7 to 10 days is recommended, and while dry-cleaning or hand washing is typically the preferred method, a gentle machine cycle is also suitable.

How to Hand Wash Slip Silk Pillowcase

To hand wash your silk pillowcases, be sure to first invest in a bottle of silk wash. This is a special type of detergent that is designed to clean silk in a safe, non-harmful way, as regular soaps and detergents can deteriorate silk very quickly. 

a woman lying on a pillow

Use your silk wash to clean your pillowcase in a shallow tub of cold water. Hot water can affect the structural integrity of the silk, and also cause it to deteriorate faster over time. Allow your silk pillowcase to air dry. Tumble drying will do the same as hot water! 

Silk Pillowcases for Sale

Where to Buy Silk Pillowcases

So, where can I buy a silk pillowcase? These days, it can be better to ask where can’t I buy a silk pillowcase, as just about every wellness and beauty store has taken to stocking at least one brand or more. 

The following are some options for finding a silk pillowcase near me:

Silk Pillowcase on Amazon

Amazon is the go-to for all things silk. Their array of pillowcase brands is extensive, and admittedly a little overwhelming! Many commercial brands are listed here, as well as some smaller businesses that are trying to get their products to wider audiences. 

Always use the public feedback feature when ordering anything from this vast e-commerce platform. You’ll want to read the reviews from previous customers who can attest to the integrity of both the seller and the item, particularly when it comes to products made of silk. 

Silk Pillowcase at Target

Never ones to let down a consumer, Target have taken to stocking an array of silk pillowcases that are perfectly suited to just about all types of hair (and skin!). With options to suit every price range, Target’s silk pillowcases are an easy way to lean into this beauty trend and figure out which type of silk you most prefer.

Visit your nearest store or shop online. And always remember that if your neighborhood Target doesn’t stock something you need, they actually want you to let them know! 

Silk Pillowcase at Walmart

Staying on trend, Walmart saw the same gap in the market and has properly equipped their stock lists with silk pillowcases from around the world. Again, you’ll find options to suit any need or budget, and usually a vast array of colors too!

As with Target, Walmart has an efficient online shopping platform whereby you can get your silk pillowcases delivered virtually everywhere. 

Silk Pillowcase at Macys

Always ahead of the curve, Macy’s understands beauty like few other chain stores in the northern hemisphere. Their range of silk pillowcases tends to exceed expectation, as they have been known to take on much smaller, bespoke brands who are producing quality goods at higher prices. 

A lot of the time, one can get a slip silk pillowcase discount code to use on the Macy’s website, either for free shipping or for a percentage off of your purchase. 

Silk Pillowcase at Kohls

If you’re looking for quality silk pillowcase UK, look no further than your friendly neighborhood Kohls. Typically, they stock the higher end products made by both local and international brands; the brands you’re less likely to find on Amazon or the likes. 

What’s great about shopping in-store at Kohls, is that you can usually feel the different silks for yourself as they will have open samples in person. This is a great way to discern what feels best for your hair and skin in general. 

Silk Pillowcase at Sephora

Another beauty typhoon, Sephora, has been on the silk pillowcase and bonnet train for quite some time. If any of their stocked brands have produced either of these products, they will have them available both in store and online, with delivery anywhere in the world. 

Sephora’s in store professionals are also a great point of conversation, and can often provide helpful recommendations for brands that they would personally endorse. Take some time to chat with them if you are visiting in store!

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