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Black Seed Oil for Hair: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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It’s been dubbed “heaven sent”, and called nature’s cure for rapid hair growth. Black seed oil for hair is the latest and greatest in hair fall prevention, and probably something worth knowing about if general health and wellness are generally of interest to you. 

In this article we discuss the following:

What is Black Seed Oil?

jar of black seeds with a cup of black seeds in the background

Also known as nigella sativa oil, black cumin seed oil is the extract from the nigella sativa plant that is native to southwest Asia. It is also commonly called kalonji oil. 

Black seed oil was not originally intended for the use on hair, this was a happy find and a byproduct of years of exploration and experimentation with this oil in terms of human wellness. For centuries, black seed oil has been used to treat everything from diabetes to weight loss, with Egyptian black seed oil dating as far back as the times of the pharaohs. 

The key component within black seed oil is thymoquinone, which is a natural compound that is rich in antioxidant properties. 

Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil

Within the health and wellness industry, it is widely known that cold pressing ingredients is far more beneficial than expeller-pressing. 

Cold pressing any plant, fruit or vegetable to extract specific compounds results in less loss of nutrients and a higher potency of the compound itself. The same goes for black seed oil, which is why most consumers make a point of seeking out oils that have been cold pressed, subjecting the nigella sativa plant to no added heating influence in the process. 

Pure Black Seed Oil

For the purpose of health related issues, 100 pure black seed oil is preferable and more beneficial. The purest form of black seed oil should ideally also be of organic origin. This ensures that no unnecessary toxins or contaminants will be present within the concoction, unbeknownst to the user. 

Homemade black seed oil is easy enough to make if you have the patience and necessary ingredients. One would need to simply boil black cumin seeds, before combining the seed water in a jar with olive oil. 

Of course, it is not possible to cold press black seed oil at home, and boiling the seeds will detract from the purity and potency of the remedy itself. This is left to the discretion of the user, and there are many people who swear by their own homemade formulas. If you’re interested in how to make nigella sativa oil at home, dive into the big, bad world of YouTube and follow the step by step videos available for the purpose of oil making. 

Black Seed Oil Benefits

What is Black Seed Oil Good for?

We’re going to dive deep into the many different uses and 101 benefits of black seed oil. This article will be particularly centered around what black seed oil can do for human hair, as this is a relatively new angle for the oil itself and one that is receiving a lot of traction around the world in the present day. 

Toby Dash from Five Star Skincare summarizes it nicely, stating that “black seed oil supports hair growth, manages hair loss, soothes scalp dryness, hydrates, conditions and prevents damage. It also stimulates hair growth and reduces flakiness and sensitivity.”

Dash goes on to state that even if you don’t have any problematic scalp conditions, it still helps to make hair healthy, soft, hydrated, and shiny with consistent use. By regulating oil production, it helps your hair stay moisturized and nourished. Also, antioxidants in the oil neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals on your hair.

There is then, of course, black seed oil for weight loss, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, headaches, blood pressure and more. If any of these symptoms are things that you suffer with, we highly recommend delving deeper into the nature of this oil and how it might be able to offer some benefit to your personal conditions. 

Black Seed Oil for Hair

Black Seed Oil for Hair Loss

The industry talks about both black seed oil for hair growth, and black seed oil for hair loss. The two are interchangeable references to the same thing, as redoing hair fall is the fastest route to hair growth. 

Can black seed oil regrow hair? To some degree, it can. Thymoquinone is the key ingredient, and exists as an extremely powerful natural antihistamine once extracted from the nigella sativa plants. 

According to Melanie Musson, a wellness expert at Life Insurance Types, some of the most commonly prescribed medications for hair loss are antihistamines, and black seed oil is a natural antihistamine. So, it makes sense that it helps eliminate hair loss and improve hair growth. Rubbing thymoquinone directly onto the scalp delivers these very same antihistamine benefits to the pores directly, which stimulates them in a way that is proving to be incredibly beneficial. Musson goes on to say that “black seed oil is also a powerful antioxidant, so it can help improve your scalp health and eliminate dandruff.”

flat lay of black seeds in a wooden sppon

Black Seed Oil for Grey Hair

In recent years, there have been many who have come forward with their own stories of black seed oil good for hair and how they have found they were able to either delay, prevent or reverse the graying of hair by using this oil religiously. 

This is likely on account of the fact that black seed oil is a natural strengthener and preservative, and works very seriously to hold the natural pigmentation of each hair follicle, slowing the graying process and preventing it entirely for some. 

Black Seed Oil for Baldness

To date, there is no evidence or study that has been conducted to prove that black seed oil can regrow hair on individuals who have become totally bald and have been living as such for quite some time. 

The use of this oil is more for those who are experiencing the first signs of balding, and would like to take the necessary measures to ensure that this is reduced and possibly reversed before it crosses a certain threshold.

Since one of the main properties of black seed oil is the strengthening of existing hair follicles, it’s understandable why so many individuals seem to be seeing reverse effects of baldness after long term use of this formula. 

Black Seed Oil for Dandruff

General scalp health and wellbeing is a naturally wonderful side effect from working with this particular plant oil. Not many people seek out black seed oil solely for a dry scalp, but end up greatly enjoying the benefit of having the skin of their head well moisturized at all times. 

This has put the spotlight on black seed oil with regards to dandruff, and how it might be able to reverse these symptoms, too. Black seed oil and castor oil for hair is a duo that is particularly nourishing for this purpose, and can be easily made at home. 

Black Seed Oil for Thick Hair

Your hair doesn’t have to be falling out or severely thinning before you can jump at the benefits of black seed oil. On the contrary, there are many, many individuals with perfectly healthy heads of hair who still opt to incorporate this oil into their self-care routines, because of just how nourishing it is. 

Similar to how one might purchase a particular conditioner for the shine, body and protection it claims to offer, one can make a point of using black seed oil in their weekly or bi weekly hair care regime in search of whatever added strength, richness of color or light thickening the oil can provide. 

Black Seed Oil for Eyebrows

In recent years, there has been some exploration in the notion that black seed oil may be an effective remedy for the regrowing of lost or thinning brows. 

Like with any hair follicle, black seed oil can’t determine head hair from facial hair, and will supply the very same antihistamine benefits to whatever skin it is placed upon. There is very little documented study with regards to the effects of black seed oil on brows, however many customer testimonials show that a number of people report seeing an undeniable improvement in the quality and thickness of their brows over long periods of use. 

Black Seed Oil Scalp Treatment

We find that black seed oil scalp is best applied in a regular treatment form whereby the user takes the time to stretch out the lifespan of their seed oil by combining it with an additional carrier oil. 

This gives you a longer window of use from just a single bottle of black seed oil, and there is no reason to believe that any of the oil properties are lost with the inclusions of a carrier product. 

Our favorite carrier is that of coconut oil (raw, unrefined and organic — please). By mixing equal parts seed oil with equal parts coconut oil, you’ll generate a scalp treatment that is both easily pliable and more affordable. 

How to Get Rid of White Hair with Black Seed Oil

We touched on this earlier, but we’ll delve a little deeper for the purpose of answering the ever relevant question of how to prevent gray hairs. 

Black seed oil contains something called linoleic acid; a compound that works to prevent any depletion of pigment cells in hair, skin and nails. It’s a preservative, essentially, and clings to each follicle as though it were its own spawn. 

In time, one might see a reduction in the amount and intensity of graying, though this is not guaranteed by black seed oil manufacturers anywhere in the world.  

Black Seed Oil for Beards

Beard hair, like head hair and brows, needs nourishing, care and tending to on a regular basis. Your face is just as sensitive as your scalp, and failure to properly moisturize, wash or brush in this zone will inevitably leave you with a less than desirable looking mane. 

Black seed oil is an ally to the bearded individual, and it’s not unlikely that the early pharaohs actually possessed this very same knowledge in terms of their own self care rituals. 

Black seed oil will strengthen, thicken and soften beard hair when used regularly and carefully. What’s more, the skin beneath the beard is an area that tends to dry out very quickly, especially if there is a lack of sebum production, so regular contact with this oil will help with that, too. 

Black Seed Oil for Scarring Alopecia

Another thing worth noting about black seed oil for skin, is that it contains anti-inflammatory properties which can be instrumental in aiding the healing of scars and other types of irritation. 

Where skin has been left totally braised and unsettled, whatever the cause (alopecia, acne, etc), is usually where one is likely to see the worst scarring. An oil, like black seed oil, offers anti-inflammatory effects directly to the area, which sets the skin up from a healthier platform from which cellular rejuvenation can set in. 

Black Seed Oil Benefits for Men

There are a lot of benefits to be gained by men, via use of this oil, that are not just centered around skin and hair. Men who ingest black seed oil on a regular basis have shown significant improvement in terms of sperm count. 

There is also much research being conducted around speculation that black seed oil causes sperm to swim faster, thus increasing the likelihood of implantation. These studies relating to male fertility may also be expanded to look at how black seed oil could possibly be used to correct erectile dysfunction in the future. 

Black Seed Oil Benefits for Women

Yes, there are also black seed oil health benefits that only women can experience, too. These oils are proving to possess certain abilities that involve antifungal activity. 

Women tend to suffer from yeast overgrowth in the body; we all need and produce yeast, but overgrowth is something that leads to distinct imbalance and relative symptoms, usually classified as candida. 

Black seed oil may offer some relief to women who are suffering from candida ridden livers, guts or uteruses. Today, this remains mere speculation, but there are a lot of testimonials floating around the Internet of happy customers who have found improvement of this nature. 

Does Black Seed Oil Darken Hair?

The question of black seed oil melanin has always been a complex one, with some people speculating that this kind of oil is only beneficial to individuals with naturally dark heads of hair. 

This is a misconception, as black seed oil doesn’t possess the ability to discern dark from light. It merely has the ability to preserve and protect existing melanin, which means that your hair will grow out in its natural shade, no matter what brand of black seed oil you’ve opted to use. 

Black seed oil works with what is already there, it is not a product that alters or introduces new DNA to an individual, and it is certainly not a form of hair dye. 

How to Use Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil Shampoo

Knowing the many black seed oil uses, it comes time to actually apply the product. As with any oil, this can be tricky, messy and downright unenjoyable. Oils as self-care products are time consuming and time specific, considering a lot of people don’t have time to apply hair oil the minute they wake up, wait for it to set in, wash it out, and then only get on with their day. 

So when considering how to use black seed oil, we recommend it in alternative, diluted forms that bring ease and pliability. 

For hair, shampoos containing generous doses of black seed oil are great. Hair washing is likely a routine you already have built into your daily or weekly lifestyle, so switching shampoos to one that is more beneficial for your needs is a very quick fix. 

Black Seed Oil Pills

If shampoos don’t feel sufficient enough for you, and you’re wondering how to consume black seed oil, this is done in pill or capsule form. 

Black seed oil is a suitable supplement that can be taken as needed for the purpose of attaining any of the listed uses and benefits. Supplements are wonderful because you generally receive extensive benefit for things you maybe weren’t even trying to treat. 

For example, if you’re taking black seed oil pills for the purpose of hair growth, you might find that certain ligament pains start to fade over time, as well. Something that you weren’t necessarily even worried about is being subtly corrected, simply because these compounds are now part of your diet. 

Does black seed oil interfere with medication? The only potentially harmful interference is with that of medications taken for the purpose of lowering blood pressure. Black seed oil is a natural remedy for high blood pressure, so combining it with a medication that is already taking on this task, may cause your blood pressure to move dangerously low. 

woman with brown hair adding a drop of oil to her dry ends

Black Seed Oil Hair Mask

If you’re not one for oil in shampoo, and daily capsules are also not your cup of tea, consider then the option of a black seed oil hair mask once a week, or biweekly if your schedule allows for it. 

A hair mask is easy enough to make at home, and involves simply mixing the oil with a carrier product to make it easily pliable throughout the scalp. Coconut oil works great, but you can also just use black seed oil alone on the hair and scalp, if so desired. 

Hair masks tend to need time to sit and “bake” into the follicles, so we recommend these be done at night when you have an hour or so to spare before washing the mask away. With the right shampoo, there should be no lingering oil even after just one wash. 

Black Seed Oil Hair Growth: Before and After

There are a lot of questions and interest emerging from around the world about what exactly one can expect from working with this particular oil; namely, how long does black seed oil take to work? 

By looking at various black seed oil testimonials, it would appear that most individuals see clear results sometime between 8 and 12 weeks after starting use of the oil. This, of course, is a spectrum of people, uses and intentions, and every experience with a natural self-care product is going to be totally unique. 

If you’re looking for distinct black seed oil for hair loss results, here are some before and after images from previous users: 

Black Seed Oil Capsules vs Oil

Black Seed Oil Capsules

The capsule versus regular oil debate is one that will always be prevalent within the wellness community. People who discover wellness and healing tend to be extremely passionate about their own findings, and seek to project them on the greater community as a single truth. 

For as many people as there are that swear by seed oil capsules, there are an equal amount who swear by regular oil or shampoo versions, instead. No one is more right or more wrong than the next person; as we’ve said, a wellness journey is totally subjective and cannot be argued from an objective truth standpoint. 

That being said, there is also an ongoing debate as to which is better, fish oil or black seed oil? Now this is something that science can actually conclude on behalf of the community at large. 

The compounds found in black seed oil appear to strengthen omega-3 compounds by three times as much as any other formula. This has resulted in an increasing demand for combination fish oil and black seed oil capsules worldwide, with a number of brands taking on the manufacturing task. 

Black Seed Oil Dosage

Many also want to know exactly how much black seed oil should I take a day? This is a complicated area, as black seed oil is not a FDA regulated substance and thus there is really no formal dosage amount listed between uses. 

As an industry standard, it seems that around 1/2 a teaspoon of black seed oil per day is a suitable amount for the purpose of attaining the numerous benefits of the oil over extended periods of time. 

This begs the question of how to take black seed oil, as swallowing it straight can be less than preferable for those with a sensitive palate. Those who aren’t using capsules tend to mix their oil into a bit of honey before ingesting. One can also blend the oil into their daily smoothie, or toss it back with a bit of lemon juice first thing in the morning to mask the taste.

Best Black Seed Oil Capsules

We’ve got to admit, with this particular nectar from nature, it really is much easier to simply opt for black seed oil in perfect, encapsulated form. The dosage will be perfectly regulated day by day, and you’ll never have to worry about how you’re going to get past the foul taste before you’ve even had breakfast. 

Wondering where to buy black seed oil capsules? Stick around and we’ll take an in-depth look at our favorite products on the market right now. 

Black Seed Oil Reviews

As with any natural skincare, self-care and beauty product, the black seed oil reviews YouTube remain a melting pot of mixed opinions, experiences and conclusions. 

There are many people out in the world who swear by the magic of this oil, but there are as many who would deem the product largely ineffective, or unable to live up to the hype it’s been given. 

Again, there is no telling how many of these individuals followed a strict schedule with their dosages and usage times, nor how long they stuck with the product before writing it off as ineffective for their intentions. 

The best thing to do when it comes to natural healing is to simply enter into the product with an open mind, clear intentions for outcome, and the willingness to give the product the time to work as it needs to for your very unique bodily needs. 

Where to Buy Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil on Amazon

So, where can I buy black seed oil? Surprisingly, some of the best brands of black seed oil are currently making use of the e-commerce platform Amazon to facilitate their sales and worldwide shipping. 

Amazon is great for finding the right black seed oil for your needs, as it offers a very transparent feedback function whereby previous customers are able to report back on the quality and service they received from the brand in question. This information is public, and cannot be removed by the retailer, so if there is any funny business going on, it will be easy for you to spot as you browse. 

Black Seed Oil at Walmart

Walmart and other drugstore chains are great places to find organic, cold pressed forms of black seed oil and purchase them in person. This is great if you’re wanting to smell each of the products and determine if a straight oil is for you, or if you’d be better off investing in the capsules from day one. 

Best Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil By Dr Axe

Dr Axe is not a black seed oil retailer per say, but he does offer consistent, regular insight into the advances of the world of seed oils and what new research is showing as and when it unfolds. 

This is a great source of information for anyone looking to invest in the perfect seed oil for their needs in the near future. 

Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil

Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil

Amazing Herbs is a major seed oil retailer who has a wonderful black seed oil available. It’s cold pressed, non-GMO and 100% pure. 

It’s not the cheapest black seed oil on the market, and you’ll fork out just under $50 for an 8oz bottle. The product is one of their best sellers, which leads us to think that they have a following of loyal customers under their belt. 

Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil Reviews

Their website has a public rating and review feature, and thus far all 17 posts of feedback have given the product 5 stars. We can’t be sure how doctored this kind of data is, but for the most part it seems like their customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the oil itself.

Hemani Black Seed Oil

Hemani Black Seed Oil

Hemani brings us black seed oil on a budget. The trading group supplies herbs and seed oils around the world for varied purposes, but there is little known about the origins of their products other than the fact that they are very affordable. 

1 oz of black seed oil by Hermani retails for just $2. No information is given as to the nature of the plants in question, though at this price it is highly unlikely that they are organically or sustainably produced. 

Blessed Seed Oil

Blessed Seed Oil

Blessed Seeds are self-proclaimed black seed oil specialists, and apparently retail the world’s most effective black seed oil ever seen. This, we cannot attest to, however we can confirm that this oil is of the highest quality and is reasonably priced given that 3oz trades for under $20. 

We love their extra strong formula, which is supposedly 6 times more effective than regular black seed oil. 

Vatika Black Seed Oil

Vatika Black Seed Oil

Vatika is a black seed enriched hair oil that is intended for all of the aforementioned hair-care uses listed in this article. Strength, growth and shine are the three promises made through the use of this oil. 

Again, no mention of an organic or cold pressed nature to this product, but it is well-loved amongst a lot of self-care enthusiasts worldwide. 

Dr Mercola Black Seed Oil

Dr Mercola Black Seed Oil

This organic, cold pressed seed oil is high quality, and made to be mixed into your smoothies, tea or even coffee as is. Some people even enjoy it over salads, as the potency is in no way favoring a foul taste. 

If you’re looking for very general benefits from black seed oil, this is a good place to start! It’s not cheap, but it is worth it. 

Black Seed Oil Side Effects

Black Seed Oil Side Effects on the Kidneys

There is some concern amongst health care professionals that taking too much black seed oil may have adverse effects on the kidneys over time. 

This is when dosage and schedule become very important for this oil, and one should think twice before being haphazard with the amount of oil ingested on a daily basis. 

Black Seed Oil Inflammation

Side effects aren’t always negative! In terms of black seed oil, anti-inflammatory properties are natural side effects after regular use of this oil, which offers many notable benefits to anyone dealing with inflammation of any kind. 

How to Make Black Seed Oil at Home

You will need:

  • 2 generous handfuls of organic black cumin seeds
  • 5 cups of water 
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • Large glass jar

How to Make and Use

  • Boil the cumin seeds in the water for 10 minutes straight
  • Let the mixture cool 
  • Strain the seeds and keep the water
  • Pour the cumin water into the jar and add the olive oil
  • Mix well

Once a week, massage the mixture into the scalp and let it sit for an hour or more. Wash as you usually would with shampoo and conditioner. Store the mixture in the fridge when not in use, and make a fresh batch every 2 weeks.

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